Take care of your 5-9 during your 9-5

Life doesn’t pause while you’re at work. Every now and then, we all have to take time away from our busy days to visit the dentist, meet with a lawyer, grab a bite to eat or simply unwind. That’s why we designed our parks with a decidedly human dimension in mind. We complemented exceptional office spaces with convenient and accessible amenities – shops, services, parks, walking trails, soccer fields and even a golf course – to help you get on with your everyday life while you’re at work.

Dentists, doctors, lawyers, massage therapists and personal trainers are just some of the professionals and service providers that call our parks home, which means that they’re nearby when you need them. We also offer special rates for our tenants and their employees at the four-diamond Brookstreet Hotel, the 27-hole Marshes championship golf course and the Richcraft Recreation Complex.

And when it’s time to get away from your desk to recharge, you’re only steps away from the Trillium Woods and the Monk Environmental Park. Outdoor enthusiasts use these splendid spaces every day for walking, skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, picnicking and other recreational purposes.

Live and work on your schedule. When you’re here, you can. Ask us how.