Tips to make an effective “back to work” transition for your employees.

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If you're a business owner or part of the senior management of a company, and you are looking to bring your employees back to work in person, you may be wondering how to make the transition as smooth and successful as possible. As one of the biggest landlords in Kanata North, and Ottawa, we have seen firsthand what has worked for some of the most innovative and influential companies on campus. Below you will find some tips based on their experiences, as well as how they have used the perks of being in Kanata North to help ease the transition. 

  • Assertive leadership: It's been evidenced, in more than one instance, how influential is the attitude of the leadership team toward bringing employees back to work in person. Decision-makers have the power to set the tone and lead by example. Those who have successfully brought most of their workforce back to the office, at least in a hybrid mode, have done so in a timely manner, with clear expectations for their employees to follow suit; in every scenario, the leaders of every company have taken the lead.
  • Clear stages for the return: Successful companies have implemented the return to the office in clear stages, such as a few weeks of trial where employees need to come in at least 2-3 days a week, followed by a full move to a permanent schedule (hybrid or in person). This creates a sense of stability and routine for employees, and it also provides a dynamic workflow between employees and departments. This gradual and clear transition also sets expectations between coworkers, helping them understand and adapt to colleagues’ schedules, new communication means, synergies, etc. This creates a sense of stability and security for the workforce.
  • Invest in team building: Humans are social individuals that need interaction, so it's important to invest time in events and activities that strengthen relationships between employees. This can help rekindle the social connections that were lost during the pandemic and lead to increased collaboration and productivity. Likewise, it is important to help staff consider that these interactions are irreplaceable and are essential to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • Motivational factors: To encourage employees to come back to work, companies have implemented a range of initiatives. Some of these include; paying for a portion of employees' electric vehicle costs and subsidizing charging stations, paying for public transportation and offering mileage reimbursement for employees who bike to the office, offering flexibility by allowing employees to work from "anywhere" once or twice per week, having celebrations and occasional lunches, improving benefit plans, increasing the quality and frequency of communication between leaders and their teams, and creating a pleasant working environment.
  • Focus on safety and communication: To address anxiety around the return to work, safety measures should be implemented, and communication around expectations should be clear and timely. The leadership team should showcase these measures to reassure employees that they are taking their health and safety seriously.

To summarize, bringing employees back to work in person requires careful planning and constant execution, promoted by leaders of each company. We hope these tips support your efforts to create a workplace that is both productive and fulfilling for your employees. To complement your internal approach, we encourage you to also consider the following perks that are unique to the Kanata North community that may enhance the experience of your employees outside the office 


Unique perks within the Kanata North community

  • Close proximity to a variety of dining options, including restaurants, cafes, and pubs that cater to a big range of tastes, budgets and preferences in the area. 
  • Access to fitness centers, yoga studios, and sports facilities that are specifically designed to cater to the active and health-conscious lifestyles of professionals. 
  • Availability of medical and dental clinics, pharmacies, and health services that cater to unique healthcare needs including mental health services and specialized medical clinics. 
  • Convenient access to major highways and public transportation that connect Kanata North to other parts of the city and make it easy to commute to work and avoid unpleasant traffic. Likewise, the availability of free parking is a great plus! 
  • Walking distance to shopping centers, grocery stores, and banks that cater to all necessities. 
  • Access to recreational parks, trails, and green spaces for outdoor activities that are specifically designed to cater to the active lifestyles of professionals and companies, including bike trails and outdoor sports facilities.
  • Cultural attractions, such as art galleries and museums, for entertainment and education that cater to the unique interests of the tech workforce, including exhibitions that showcase emerging technology and innovative art.
  • Networking events, career fairs, and workshops to connect with professionals in the area that cater specifically to the tech industry and provide opportunities for professionals to connect with like-minded individuals and advance their careers. 
  • Opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community through a variety of programs that allow professionals to use their skills and expertise to make a positive impact in the community. 
  • Most importantly, as a KRP tenant, you will have a big list of unique discounts and special offers for your employees. Please review these here: KRP ADVANTAGE PROGRAM  

Overall, Kanata North offers a unique combination of lifestyle perks that are specifically designed to cater to the needs and interests of the tech-focused workforce in the area. These perks make Kanata North an ideal location for businesses and individuals looking to work and live in a vibrant, supportive, and innovative community. 

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