A Human Approach

We believe that the process of developing and maintaining commercial properties should include a decidedly human element. It’s all too easy to boil down our business to the notion of companies leasing spaces to other companies and to forget that real, everyday people are actually the ones who negotiate deals and work in the spaces we provide.

We declare that we will not lose sight of the imperative to serve people first and foremost. Our tagline – “more than just space” – is our commitment to do more than meet the needs of the businesses that call our properties home (although we never lose sight of this imperative). It is also a promise to appreciate the needs of the people who work for the companies we serve. Occasionally it means structuring leasing arrangements to suit the needs of our tenants, even when their requirements extend beyond our normal limits. Always it means going out of our way to provide exceptional service as and when (and occasionally before!) our tenants and their employees request it.

Of course we offer exceptional properties that boast robust infrastructure, sophisticated security, fantastic finishes and wonderful amenities. But to us, these are merely part of the baseline standard that a tenant should expect from its landlord. What we also offer – what the KRP difference is all about – is a decidedly human approach to commercial leasing. An understanding that off-the-shelf commercial leasing solutions are seldom perfect, and that people matter above all. We’re more than just landlords to our tenants. We’re their partners.

Our Services

KRP Properties is unlike any landlord in Ottawa. We own and build the properties we manage, which means we take an entirely different approach to asset oversight. Many owners will subcontract out day-to-day administration of their facilities to one company, and keep another on retainer to perform construction operations and maintenance work as and when it is required.

That’s fine for some, but we aim higher. By offering leasing, construction, development, security and property management services in-house and integrating these departments, we can quickly respond to any request or challenge. There’s no red tape or unnecessary bureaucracy in our offices. When a tenant approaches us with a request for a new space – or requires a needs assessment – our team acts quickly. We interview closely to dive deep into the issues that matter to our tenants and their workers, and design and develop solutions that address our tenants’ needs and enhance the long-term value of our physical assets. What’s more, we do so in days rather than weeks or months. That’s the value of our one-window approach to property management.
KRP Properties is also one of a very few remaining privately held real estate ventures in Canada. As such, we tend to be nimbler and more accommodating than most other landlords. Our aim is to do everything we can to attract and retain tenants so that they, in turn, can do their utmost to attract and retain the best talent.

That’s what we mean when we say we offer more than just space. Contact us today to learn more.