The Team

We created the KRP difference as a clear and deliberate opportunity to serve our tenants and their employees better than any commercial landlord in Ottawa can. Our people-first strategy is the product of careful thinking by our executive team, who collectively boast decades of experience in their respective fields. They form a group that leads by example and lives and breathes the notion that our work should be performed on a human scale as well as a corporate one.

Martin Vandewouw


613-591-0594 x1530

Terry Young

Vice President, Operations

613-591-0594 x3814

Linda Sprung

Director of Leasing

613-591-0594 x3280

Richard Goldstein

Director of Construction

613-591-0594 x1039

Monique Clayton

Director of Finance

613-591-0594 x2925

J. Patrick Ferris

General Counsel, Corporate Secretary

613-591-0594 x2758

Natasha Plotnikov

Marketing and Client Services Manager

613-591-0594 X3003

Sharon Etmanskie


613-591-0594 x1022

Ray Cleroux

Senior Property Manager

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Susan Desabrais

Property Manager

613-591-0594 x1098

Jon Dicks

Senior Property Manager

613.254.8597 x225

Jessica Hayley

Property Management Administrator

613-591-0594 x1021

Brian Dreier

Technical Operations Manager

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Rebecca Richards

Technical Operations Administrator

613-591-0594 x1053

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Pat Laurin

Security and Emergency Services Manager


Jon Andrews

Construction Project Manager

613-591-0594 x1054

Laura Ann Vezeau

Construction Project Manager

613-591-0594 x2948

Gina del Cid

Construction Administrator

613-591-0594 x2613

Karen Montague

Law Clerk

613-591-0594 x2758