Fire Prevention at Work

Blog fire prevention week 2022. 10. 12

Every year, dozens of Ontarians die in fires.  So far in 2022, there have been 99 deaths due to fire incidents, according to Jon Pegg, Ontario Fire Marshal.  With this…

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Sustainability + KRP

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We’re all doing it: We’re looking for ways to breath air that’s a little fresher, drink water that’s a little cleaner and prevent further damage to the environment.  Industrialization and…

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Calling All Vendors!

Calling all vendors, are you ready to get the krp advantage? - photo of krp tenants and staff getting food at a food truck.

WHAT IS THE KRP ADVANTAGE? The KRP Advantage Card is our ticket to connecting industry-leading companies large and small to everything Kanata has to offer. Whether it’s getting supplies for…

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Leveraging the clean energy advantage

“Sustainability has changed in the corporate world from being a duty to being a competitive advantage,” said Margaret Knowles, senior vice-president of development at Morguard Investments. Ottawa-based KRP Properties, which…

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