Calling All Vendors!

Calling All Vendors, Are you ready to get the KRP Advantage? - Photo of KRP tenants and staff getting food at a food truck.

WHAT IS THE KRP ADVANTAGE? The KRP Advantage Card is our ticket to connecting industry-leading companies large and small to everything Kanata has to offer. Whether it’s getting supplies for the office, celebratory drinks at a pub, or just doing some errands after work, our tenants are looking for products or services in their community…

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Cliniconex Platform Saves Extremely Valuable Time

The COVID-19 pandemic caused senior care homes to face many challenges. Regular communication with residents, families and staff members became a critical one. Portfolio company Cliniconex has developed an automated messaging platform focused on addressing that ongoing challenge. Read the entire article here.

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What to Consider When Fitting Up a New Office Space

boardroom with green wall

So you’ve recently signed a new lease agreement and are looking forward to moving into a new office space. Now comes the fun part – you want to set it up properly so that it functions for your business all the while giving it some flair with customized branding. Here are some things to consider…

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Managing Office Relocation – What to Consider?

blue tiled wall with construction materials in background

Moving into a new office space is an exciting prospect for any business and employees. When you relocate from one environment to another, it heralds a new era in your commercial journey and is a sure sign that your enterprise is going from strength to strength. Maybe you need more space to accommodate a growing…

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Leasing vs. Renting Office Space

Low-rise office building with dark glazing. Blue sky in background and evergreen and daylilies in foreground.

Leasing vs. Renting Office Space Renting a new office space can be complicated.  From the apparent points like location, suite size and amenities to the more complex legal jargon, the process can become involved.  Deciding on renting versus leasing the space is undoubtedly one of those factors. Did you know that there’s a difference between…

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Things to Consider When Leasing Office Space

cropped view of glazed office tower with solid blue sky in background.

Things to Consider When Leasing Office Space When taking your business operations from home to the office, leasing the right space is a big step to take. Where do you start when thinking of office space today?  A good office will provide a safe and secure environment for you to carry out your work while…

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Fire Prevention in the Parks

FIRE PREVENTION IN THE PARKS The leaves are changing, and weather is cooling down.  Many of us are thinking of staying in with a warm cup of tea and a cozy fire.  We might be using the stove top more often making delicious stews and soups.  It’s no surprise that with many of us working…

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Behind the Scenes with our Building Operations Team

Two men in hardhats looking at HVAC system in indoor office space.

Behind the Scenes with our Building Operations Team Background Thanks to our Building Operations Team, our tenants have comfortable spaces to work and play in. This is the team that is first to arrive on-site when help is needed. Yes, they can change a flickering light bulb and shoo away wild geese, but they also…

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Things You Didn’t Know about KRP Security

Caucasian man with arms crossed smiling in front of security monitors.

Background Our Security, Life Safety and Business Continuity Team plays an important part in ensuring that all tenants’ needs are taken care of and that everything in the Parks is running smoothly. But what exactly do KRP Properties’ security officers do every day?  We followed our very own Pat Laurin around to find out more. …

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Hiring: Is It Art or Science?

Four people in green shirts standing outdoors behind a red Big Bike picture frame.

Have you ever relied on a ‘gut feeling’ when making personnel decisions? Some may argue that recruitment is an art and that you can judge whether a candidate is a perfect match through simple observation and experience. Others believe that a more scientific approach is needed. Processes are put in place and candidates are filtered…

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Leveraging the clean energy advantage

“Sustainability has changed in the corporate world from being a duty to being a competitive advantage,” said Margaret Knowles, senior vice-president of development at Morguard Investments. Ottawa-based KRP Properties, which chooses green energy for its public and common areas, also sees green energy as a competitive advantage, albeit in the commercial rental market. Click here…

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