KRP Christmas Wreath Competition

The Christmas lights are here again, and it's time for KRP Christmas shenanigans!

As always, the festive season brings out the competitive edge in the KRP office, and what other way to spread some holiday cheer than a Christmas-inspired contest?

Following the much-talked-about 2021 Christmas Tree Competition this year, we are shaking things up with Christmas Wreaths, and we need YOU to help us determine the winners!

Our Accounting, Construction, Leasing, Property Management, Security, and Maintenance teams are competing to see who will come out on top for the best wreath. Take a look at the photos below and select who you think should take home the crown.

Ohh, and as a thank you for helping us choose the top wreath, we’ll be giving out a small prize to one lucky voter.

Wreath One

Mr. Grinch seems to have struck again this year at KRP!

Staring down from his cave with a sour, Grinchy frown, all the windows were dark and not a one to be found. Mr. Grinch, quietly and without notice, tiptoed through the KRP office in search of sparkles and bows.

Low and behold, as he rounded the kitchen, was a pretty red ladder amongst a tower of toys. Ho Ho did he squeal feeling quite smug and off to the next department did he go.

Oh - what fun when he found lights, ornaments, and even a sole candy cane to sweeten his load.

In the spirit of sneakiness, under cover of night, Mr. Grinch was so impressed with his finds that he chose to compete in the wreath competition along with us all. His wreath, so pretty was it, will be the best of them all, said he and little Max did agree!

Wreath Two

Dreaming of a snowy Christmas with our snowman wreath! It may be a green December, but things are looking white and dreamy in our department.

Wreath Three

Holding the keys to Christmas

Delivering holiday cheer to all our offices, Santa & his Elves have access to all the hardworking girls and boys this Christmas keeping the keys to Christmas safe on Santa’s keyring.

Wreath Four

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the Prep and Landing elves were preparing the house for Santa ‘s arrival.  Harold Happypants and Tony Twinklebut were busily opening stockings and making room under the tree when Harold happened to spy the plateful of cookies left for Santa.  Normally, Harold would leave the cookies for Santa and go about his way; but not these cookies.  These were gingerbread cookies, Harold’s favorite.  Not only were they gingerbread, but they were warm gingerbread cookies with the right amount of spice.  Not only were they warm gingerbread cookies with the right amount of spice, but there was Eggnog in a glass next to them.  Harold could not help himself and he ate and drank everything with reckless abandon.  And now Harold has found himself in a bit of a predicament where his belly is too full, and he is unable to make his way back up the chimney under the weight of the cookies.  In an attempt to evacuate the house, Harold tried to climb his way out through the maze of wreaths and has found himself stuck in on.  What will he do next??

Wreath Five

A traditional holiday wreath with bobbles and bows featuring a snowy winter wonderland scene in the wreath’s snow globe centre. With classic Christmas colours, red, green and silver, this wreath boasts the spirit of the holidays with special touches, personal ornaments and a lot of love and hard work poured into its branches. A snow globe scene featuring a Christmas cottage in the forest with Frosty, Santa and a Christmas tree bringing joy to all.

Wreath Six

Simple and classic is how we like it; this hand-made wreath is keeping the Christmas traditions alive; made with love and sealed with a special snowflake, it brings all the special memories from a classic family Christmas.