The Impact of COVID-19 in the Parks

KRP considers the safety and well being of our tenants and their employees is always our priority

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At KRP Properties, the safety and well being of our tenants and their employees is always our priority. As an Owner and Landlord, we recognize the role we play in providing our tenants and their employees with information and the latest facts during this critical time. We have been and will continue to actively monitor the COVID-19 situation and will take all reasonable measures to keep our community safe. At this time, we wanted to share with you some of the steps we are taking.

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Public Health Authorities

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, which has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), KRP has put in place a Task Force team that will provide our tenants with the latest news and updates. We are closely monitoring updates provided by Ottawa Public Health, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Health Canada/Public Health Agency of Canada, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) website. Throughout this COVID-19 crisis, the KRP Task Force will continue to seek guidance and best practices from these agencies, public health facilities and applicable government agencies.

Our Commitment to our Tenants and Community

Keeping people connected is incredibly important in times like we are now facing. Technology helps us meet the needs of the growing demand for knowledge and information. In this regard we are in contact with government and public health agencies. As our employees interact with our tenants, customers, contractors and trades and the general public, we are taking steps to limit exposure to the COVID–19 virus, these include, but are not limited to, placing restrictions on travel, limiting the size of meetings, placing hand sanitizers in our buildings, providing remote work solutions where possible, and continue to enforce a safe work environment and behaviour in every environment. We are putting protocols in place that will activate closures, disinfection, and any quarantine, isolation procedures based on recommendations and directives when advised by appropriate government departments and health. In the event that you have or have reason to believe that there may be a case of a person in your employ or organization with COVID-19, or experiencing symptoms, we ask that you immediately contact Ottawa Public Health for their advice and guidance at (613-580-6744). It is vitally important to protect the privacy of any person experiencing effects of COVID-19. Upon advising Ottawa Public Health of anyone who has a case of, or symptoms of the COVID-10 virus, we ask that you also communicate this important information to us so that we may take all reasonable protective measures to limit the community spread of this virus, while protecting the privacy of such persons.

Continuity Plans and Possible Disruptions to Service

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, KRP will be taking additional measures to ensure there is a continuation of regular services to our tenants. We will be responding to events and circumstances as they develop in response to the COVID-19 crisis and as advised by the appropriate health agencies and authorities. It is apparent that this crisis is evolving quickly, and it would not be responsible for us to state what the duration or impact this will have on our community, our tenants, contractors and on your employees. KRP is diligently working to determine the best ways to respond to possible reductions in our staff as well as possible reductions in contractor and trade personnel, while working to meet the need to complete projects so that we may deliver on our commitments. Should we experience a critical reduction in our employees due to COVID-19 illnesses, KRP will provide critical needs services to our buildings and to our tenants while actively working with all of our contractors and trades to provide deliverable solutions to complete projects on time, as far as this is reasonably possible, given the circumstances arising due to COVID -19. This may mean a delay in response time from KRP and our construction department personnel, which may affect our respective timelines to complete projects.

This COVID-19 crisis may also mean a disruption in the ability of contractors and trades being able to complete projects on time, as a result of their personnel becoming ill and unable to work. Contracts for services provided by contractors and trades are usually governed by clauses that set out the performance or failures to perform due to reasons or events beyond a party’s control. This may include circumstances that are the result of an outbreak of COVID-19 that affects the ability to complete works under your contract with KRP, including delayed response times and completion dates. It is imperative that we work together to ensure that projects are completed, notwithstanding the COVID-19 crisis. KRP is actively working on a business continuity plan in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Most industries are now planning and implementing a COVID-19 communications and contingency plan that addresses their response in the event of a disruption in their ability to provide services and completions of projects. We ask that you advise KRP and share with us your plan as to how your organization can sustain disruptions to their normal operations, including how staffing levels will be met, the impact on employees, subcontractors, suppliers. With COVID-19 upon us, it is critically important that all parties engage in an open dialogue and exchange of ideas and solutions.

In the event that there is a disruption and reduction in our response and services, as well in yours, that impacts your/our business and the completion of projects, beyond our reasonable control, it is important that we plan for such contingencies and cooperatively work together to provide reasonable and workable solutions to complete our collective obligations as we deal with the challenges that we all will face in dealing with COVID-19.

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