What’s Open in the Parks

In accordance with Ontario public health measures, masking is now optional in common areas of KRP-owned buildings.

March 21, 2022: In keeping with Ontario public health measures, individuals are no longer required to wear masks in common areas of KRP premises.  Of course, masking remains entirely optional - we encourage all tenants and visitors to do what they feel is safest for them.  We ask that everyone be respectful of others' choices in this regard.


Our Commitment to our Tenants and Community

Keeping people connected is incredibly important during difficult times such as those we are now facing. Technology helps us meet the needs of the growing demand for knowledge and information. In this regard, we continue to maintain contact with government and public health agencies accordingly.

As our employees interact with our tenants, customers, contractors and trades and the general public, we are taking steps to limit exposure to the COVID–19 virus, including but not limited to placing restrictions on unnecessary work travel, limiting the size of meetings, placing hand sanitizers in our buildings, providing remote work solutions where possible, and continuing to enforce a safe work environment and behaviour. We have protocols in place that will activate closures, disinfection, and any quarantine, isolation procedures based on recommendations and directives provided by corresponding health and government officials.

We've been busy keeping you safe in our buildings by

  • Increasing and improving ventilation systems;
  • Implementing additional cleaning in common areas;
  • Maintaining all regular maintenance schedules.

Continuity Plans and Possible Disruptions to Service

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, KRP Properties has ensured there is a continuation of regular services to our tenants. We continue to respond to current events and circumstances as they develop in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and as advised by the appropriate health agencies and authorities. KRP works diligently to determine the best ways to respond to possible reductions in our staff as well as possible reductions in contractor and trade personnel, while working to meet project needs, delivering on our commitments.

Should we experience a critical reduction in our employees or contractor workforces due to COVID-19 illnesses, KRP will provide critical needs services to our buildings and to our tenants while actively working with all of our contractors and trades to provide deliverable solutions and complete projects on time, as far as is reasonably possible given the circumstances. This may mean a delay in response time from KRP and our Construction department personnel, which may affect our respective timelines to complete projects.

In the event that there is a disruption and reduction in our services as well in yours, that impacts your/our business and the completion of projects, beyond our reasonable control, it is important that we plan for such contingencies and cooperatively work together to provide reasonable and workable solutions to complete our collective obligations as we deal with the challenges that we have faced in dealing with COVID-19.

Health and Safety

Get the details on what we’re doing at the Parks inside and out to keep our tenants, employees and contractors safe onsite.

Reinventing the Office

Culture has shifted throughout the pandemic, and so will the spaces where we work. Optimize your space with our tips and tricks.

Back-to-Work Handbook

The KRP team has produced some guidelines on what businesses can expect when returning to the workplace in the KRP Parks.