Fire Prevention in the Parks

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The leaves are changing, and weather is cooling down.  Many of us are thinking of staying in with a warm cup of tea and a cozy fire.  We might be using the stove top more often making delicious stews and soups.  It’s no surprise that with many of us working from home there has been an increased rate of kitchen fires throughout the country.  Whether you’re working remotely or heading into the office, fire prevention awareness should always be on the agenda. 

With last week being Canada’s Fire Prevention Week, we’re taking the opportunity to schedule our campus-wide fire drills as a refresher on proper procedures (and get a little fresh air while we’re at it).  While this year’s theme ‘Serve up the Fire Safety in the Kitchen’ focused on your increased time at home, we thought it was important to remind everyone of our continued Fire and Life Safety maintenance programs and initiatives around the Parks.  Although your office may not be as populated, it’s important for those who are still accessing the buildings and suites that all your Fire and Life Safety plans and communications are up to date.

A few things we do around the Parks to stay safe:


Just like when you were a kid, we run annual fire drills in each of our buildings.  Staying well-versed and prepared in case of a real emergency is invaluable.  This year’s drills have been taking place throughout the week and will run throughout October. 


Our continued maintenance plans ensure we remain code-compliant with up-to-date fire safety and security systems that utilize the latest and most efficient technologies. Smart pass card access, upgrading sensors and sprinkler systems are but a few ways we’re staying safe.  While the technology can sometimes be complicated, the objective is always simple: keep you, our tenants, protected and comfortable.   


KRP has always looked forward to hosting our annual town hall meetings keep you informed on how to develop your own Fire Evacuation Plans, how to operate fire extinguishers along with other safety tips and tricks.  Don’t know where to start?  Our Security team can work with your organization via phone or virtual meeting to customize your own policies and procedures while remaining proactive – please reach out to

Whether at the office or at home, remember to stay fire safe and have your Fire Prevention Plan and emergency procedures in place.