Java Man Coffee & Vending Services

Vending machine filled with chocolate bars and chip bags.

Java Man Coffee & Vending Services provides superior office coffee and smart vending solutions to its clients. A locally owned small business with a focus on customer service and superior product quality- we are unique by providing;

– A better cup of coffee using “fresh from the bean” single cup brewing systems. The very same system used by companies like Apple and Google for their employees to provide the best possible brew and a host of other hot beverages. The ultimate hot beverage “Kiosk” that will delight your employees and guests.

– Modern vending solutions for healthy snacks and cold beverages with flexibility to customize your employee snack program.

– Profit sharing on vending for employee social club initiatives or company charities.
– Breakfast and kitchen supplies can be sourced through us to provide a true “one stop shop” for all your office needs.