KRP Christmas Snowman Competition

The Christmas lights are here again, and it’s time for another year’s KRP Christmas shenanigans!

As always, the festive season brings out the competitive edge in the KRP office, and what other way to spread some holiday cheer than a Christmas-inspired contest?

Following up on last year’s infamous Christmas Wreath Competition, we are shaking things up with Snowmen this year, and we need YOU to help us determine the winners!

Our Accounting, Construction, Leasing, Property Management, Security, and Maintenance teams are competing to see who will come out on top for the best snowman. Take a look at the photos below and select who you think should take home the crown.

Oh, and as a thank you for helping us choose the top snowman, we’ll be giving out a small prize to one lucky voter.

Snowman One

Our too cool for snow surfing snowman…..

Snowman Two

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul and one that touches our heartstrings and memories new and old. Inspired by the movie we chose to recreate the classic scene where Frosty selflessly brings Karen in from the cold into the warm greenhouse. Towering over 8 feet tall and surrounded by a handmade ‘greenhouse’ we chose to focus on sustainability by repurposing shipping supplies slated for recycling and other items found around our home and offices.

Happy Birthday Frosty!!

Snowman Three

Snowman Village…where you can find all the winter activities from ice fishing to sledding. Our team of snowman makers created the tradition of warm and cozy by the fire (while not all welcomed the heat), the simple joys of snowman watching, and little families heading down the hill for a ride in the snow. We here at Snowman Village have created the warmth and traditions to share over the holidays for years to come!

Snowman Four

This clay & acrylic sculpture was hand-crafted and showcases a scene of a group of elves working together to build a snowman.

This snowman was inspired by the classic 1964 claymation movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and we wanted to create something that captured the same spirit and magic the film brings.

Snowman Five

Have a Holly Jolly-in-the-John Christmas with our friend Plungey The Snow-Can.

Snowman Six

Our two snowman friends are keeping the KRP Buildings running in top shape, but after an Angus call for an office that was too hot, one snowman sadly melted.

Voting has closed.