Experienced property managers who create innovative tenant solutions

At KRP Properties, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional spaces for our tenants. Here you’ll find well built and well maintained buildings, deep digital infrastructure, sophisticated on-site security systems, continuous site monitoring, scalable tenant suites and a team of passionate and committed property managers that rises to any challenge.

More than this, we have a long history of working with real estate brokers. During our nearly 30 years in business, we have designed, built, leased and managed properties for clients in all types of industries with diverse and at times quite complex spatial requirements.

We are also one of the last remaining privately held real estate developers in Canada and among the few that offers leasing, construction, development and property-management services under a single roof. Being structured this way enables us to respond quickly to requests for information, adapt to changing project conditions and weave a decidedly human element into all our activities.

Few property developers and managers are as experienced, flexible and accommodating as KRP Properties. Talk to us today to learn more about how our properties can help your clients grow and thrive.