Culture and Work-Life Balance

KRP’s role has been and will continue to be to support your team, offering flexibility wherever possible.

The attitudes of business owners and individuals alike have shifted throughout the pandemic. In months past, we’ve seen the sentiment for more flexibility become a priority as means to keep teams productive and happy, particularly in terms of when and where to work.  Rebuilding our processes and physical environments to reflect these shifts has arguably become a necessity as we evolve to consider developments in technology and attitudes across the globe.  KRP’s role has been and will continue to be to support those changes, provided flexibility of our own in terms of leasing and operations. One such way we’re helping is by offering extended building operational hours, if requested by a tenant, to reflect a more fluid schedule that many of our tenants will be experimenting with within their own workforces. In other cases, our Construction and Property Management departments are here to help with  remodelling and renovations in the pipeline to improve safety and re-jig office layouts for new and exciting uses that go beyond simple workstations. We continue to provide indoor and outdoor amenities, such as access to nature trails, restaurants and an award-winning golf course that can be accessed in as little time as it takes to exit the building.


Fresh Ideas for Offices

Traditionally, offices operated as little more than gathering spaces for management to communicate ideas to their subordinates, and where office equipment could live and be maintained.  Fast forward several decades and we can work from virtually anywhere with access to internet.  So what’s the value of maintaining an office space?  Aside from many preferring to work outside of the home for improved focus and productivity, there are of course social reasons to enjoy the work family and professional community.  We’ve outlined a few new (and not-so-new) ideas of how you may want to re-configure your space to make the most of this new opportunity and  thrive as a company.   

Turn your office into a landing station for employees looking to have a break from the home office.  While there are a number of programs available on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis allowing individuals or small businesses to book a meeting room or desk with access to internet and printers, having your own branded space allows you to set up meeting rooms, hoteling stations, dedicated desks etc. as you see fit.  Ultimately, this can be much more cost effective, flexible and convenient than opting for one of these office-sharing services.   

To expand on the previous point, having your own space means you have a unique opportunity to have some fun with it.  From indoor golf simulators to bars to yoga studios, there are an almost infinite amount of ways you can customize your space to offer team-building experiences and amenities, boosting your company’s moral.  Investments in this department are known to improve productivity (and therefore profits), so why not explore your options.   

Is your company very active in the business and/or local community?  If so, refitting part or all of your space to host events may be a worthwhile opportunity.  Clearing out some furniture, adding a platform and podium while re-jigging your office kitchen to accommodate future catering needs may be all that’s required to set yourselves up for success.    

Finally, we’re seeing trends in adding additional amenities within offices that bring attention to work-life balance and reducing day-to-day stresses that many of us face.  From in-house child-minding services to weekly masseuse time slots to allowing dogs in the office, the lines between home and work continue to blur as we evolve to be more connected than ever.   

Whatever scaling back or scaling up your team space is in need of, there’s an option out there for every price point.  If making changes to your space to accommodate new and exciting uses is on your horizon,  KRP’s in-house Construction and Property Management teams have  all the knowledge and professionalism to bring your vision to life.  Contact your Property Manager today to discuss your project.