Sustainability + KRP

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We’re all doing it:

We’re looking for ways to breath air that’s a little fresher, drink water that’s a little cleaner and prevent further damage to the environment.  Industrialization and the exponentially high rate of the advancement of our technology in the last few decades has brought conveniences and comfort we couldn’t have even imagined 100 years ago. Unfortunately, it’s also brought habitat loss and other environmental destruction to the living, breathing things around us.  The good news is that not only are there a growing number of individuals who are taking part in the repair and conservation of our planet, businesses are jumping on board and adding momentum to the now trendy sustainability movement.  Below are a few things we’re doing in the Parks to inspire you and your team to go green in your own office spaces and at home.

We’ve got KRP Green.

KRP Green is our very own sustainability committee. This committee meets regularly to share information on resources and technologies that can be incorporated not only in our own office but in what we can incorporate into our regular business dealings and/or provide directly to our clients.  It’s also a mechanism to plan sustainability-related events and initiatives that support our efforts while educating our team and clients alike.  By putting a committee together, we’re ensuring regular attention is given to environmental issues while bringing accountability to the environmental and social responsibilities of our company.

We tackle the low-hanging fruit.

We all know and understand the value of swapping out incandescent lighting for LEDs, installing low-flow water fixtures in our bathrooms and kitchens and the importance of recycling and composting.  KRP has been transitioning to these simple and effective solutions over the years and will continue to adopt others as they become available and can be incorporated into our regular maintenance policies and procedures.

We strive to go the extra mile.

Budget constraints and human resources are a common challenge in tackling sustainability concerns.  That said, we do our best to plan ahead while finding grant and funding opportunities for projects that we believe will offer the most bang for our buck.  One such example was the launch of our Electric Vehicle charging stations across our corporate campus, bringing 58 charging ports to our 30+ buildings in Kanata North.  We’re also in the process of transitioning our building automation systems over to AI-based programs that can better notify us of inefficiencies and malfunctions to reduce waste and energy consumption all the while improving occupant comfort.  This transition has already been successfully implemented in several buildings in our portfolio with more to come each year and has resulted in a BOMA Pinnacle Award and recently a BOMA Best ‘Gold’ Certification.

Whether you’d like to go big or focus on doing the little stuff really, really well, there are sustainable options out there for everyone.  A summary of what KRP is doing to stay ‘green’ is outlined in our KRP Green Sustainability Handbook (available on our website) and offers specific suggestions and resources on how you can do to ensure a healthy work and home environment for you and yours.