Things to Consider When Leasing Office Space

Cropped view of glazed office tower with solid blue sky in background.

When taking your business operations from home to the office, leasing the right space is a big step to take. Where do you start when thinking of office space today?  A good office will provide a safe and secure environment for you to carry out your work while also allowing access to more resources, including the ability to attract top talent in a community of like-minded people. 

We’re taking a look at important factors to consider when leasing office space this year to help you start the process. 


So how much space do you really need?

While the design and use of the commercial office has changed dramatically over the years, the pandemic has prompted yet another rethinking of how we do business.  Although COVID-19 has indeed demonstrated that the kind of work usually taking place in offices can prosper remotely, it also revealed its limitations.  An organization’s success is still considerably dependent on face-to-face interaction and collaboration.   When you are trying to attract, retain and nurture top talent, the workplace plays a significant part in how people perceive a business.

We’ve developed strong partnerships with reputable design teams and recommend selecting the right design professional who can make sure your space is not just functional but also in alignment with your brand and your company culture.

Do you need a broker?

The leasing or rental process can be complex and leave you not knowing where to start. A good broker will find the best landlords for you to work with while also navigating the negotiation and signing processes.  Although entirely optional, working with a broker will take the stress off you and your team while ensuring you get a deal that that meets or exceeds your needs.

Consider location

Before you dive in and sign a rental or lease agreement, it’s important to consider its location and transport infrastructure.  Location is a key component of your office hunt because you need to make sure both you and your employees are able and willing to commute with relative ease.  Commuting can be tough, and finding an office space that works for your team and suites their lifestyles can be a challenge so start the conversation early to get everyone on board. 

Consider cost

It’s important to note that there are some hidden costs involved in leasing office Space. Consider the fact that you’ll need to hire movers, cleaners, buy insurance for contents, set up security systems and invest in IT infrastructure.  If you’re planning on renovating the space before move-in, be sure to communicate your plans to fitup the space with your landlord ahead of time to work through these expectations and costs.  It’s worth noting that landlords often include a fitup allowance in the cost of the lease or rental agreement, so be sure to explore your options prior to signing that lease. 

Are you looking for a new lease in 2021?  KRP Properties might be the ideal choice for you. We’re experts in the field and offer some amazing features in all of our office buildings to suit your specific needs. Here are just a few of the perks we offer:

A space customized to your needs

Creating a workplace that enables greater productivity, performance and engagement will empower your employees to establish a healthy work, life, balance.  We help create workplaces that promote different work styles that support businesses in enhancing their employees’ experience of going to the office, whatever our clients’ needs may be. 

Access to amenities

All of the offices at KRP are within walking distance of both shops and restaurants. It means that you’ll never have a dull lunch break and have the ability to go out for team lunches on a Friday afternoon.

Nature on your doorstep

The KRP’s Kanata office buildings have the unique feature of both walking and cycling routes within walking distance. For those who have active lifestyles, it’s a great way to get some fresh air during the day. 

Get golfing

Fancy a spot of golf while off the clock? Enjoy the award-winning Marshes golf club as well as a 4-diamond hotel only steps away from the office.

A personal touch

Unlike some of the larger, bureaucratic property owners, we believe that customer service is the key to success. This is why when a company leases office space with us, we’re always nearby to help with a smile.  Our flexible approach to problem-solving and drive to keep our clients comfortable and happy is all just part of the deal! 

Access to resources

Without all the red tape that other companies have, KRP being both landlord and property manager gives our tenants access to resources that others simply can’t compete with.  Our hands-on approach paired with strong working relationships with local experts provide our clients with a no-nonsense, human touch that gets the job done in a quality yet timely manner.  To top it all off, being located in Canada’s Largest Technology Park offers a community of forward-individuals and businesses like no other in Ottawa.   

Stay close to home

The vast majority of Ottawa residents come from the suburbs.  With that, it’s easy to understand and appreciate the allure of the suburban work-life lifestyle.  Having quick access to your corporate office, groceries, restaurants, fitness centres and nature all the while being only a short 20-minute drive to downtown, means you need to look no further than the Kanata Research Park or the Kanata North Technology Park.    

If you’re considering renting or leasing an office space this year for your business – consider using KRP today and gain access to an excellent working space, in close proximity to the heart of the city, and plenty of scenery to go around.